Fresh Matters is run by Claudia Kool. With a degree in Urban Geography she worked as an advisor in city development, but switched gears after developing a taste for design in New York working for a high-end floral design studio.

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contact Claudia Kool
address Ruyschstraat 114D
1091 CH Amsterdam
The Netherlands
phone +31 (0)6 - 30 90 76 79
email claudia@freshmatters.com

KOOLBOOM - art groupies & promoters
We love art and we want you to love it too!
- www.koolboom.nl

LFTFLD \\ for culture and counterculture
Free art magazine printed on high quality paper functions as a platform for artists, DJ's, photographers and anyone else who contributes to the cultural (night)life. LFTFLD also organizes parties, exhibitions, the yearly Bladenbal and more...
- www.lftfld.com
- www.myspace.com/lftfldmagazine
- review by Amsterdam Weekly

Willy Rojas
I love the absurd cleverness of the Columbian photographer Willy Rojas. He is now based in Barcelona where you can buy signed copies of his photographs at Villa del Arte.
- Willy Rojas' site
- Villa del Arte

Geekcorps is a US-based, non-profit organization that places international technical volunteers in developing nations. I joined their second group of geeks to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. See www.geekhalla.org/m2 or www.geekcorps.com for more information. View the result of my teaching sessions here: Interpress Design Documentation

Volunteering in Mongolia
Lots of photos of my Geekcorps trip.
- Ulaanbaatar* and the country side
* ulaan=red, baatar=hero

Verner Panton
A brilliant brain of the 20st century.
- www.vernerpanton.com
Cooper Square Committee, New York
My home during my internship in NYC! This organisation begun in 1959 as a small group of residents organized to oppose the City's Urban Renewal Plan for the Cooper Square area in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. They are still fighting for affordable housing and aim to preserve the area's cultural, social and ethnic diversity. They made me feel like family.
- www.coopersquare.org

Dolly Parton rocks
My dad used to play his two cassette tapes in the car for hours during family trips. In the past few weeks I rediscovered Dolly - excellent to play out loud and sing along. I hope my neighbors like her too.
- dollymania
- dollywood (she has her own themepark!)

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